Creating Together



Online classes are conducted via Zoom where I provide live demonstrations and feedback on your artwork. Classes are limited to 10 people (maximum).

Shay Downer

Hello there! Welcome to Art Classes 2U

I thought I should probably introduce myself 😊


My Teaching Background

In 2016 I began teaching art in the Sunbury community. At first, it was about challenging myself (I suffered anxiety and was absolutely terrified of public speaking). Little did I know just how much teaching art would change my life, let alone the impression I would make on others.
It’s such a privilege to work with emerging artists, watching them grow in confidence and ultimately start exhibiting their own work. It’s also been amazing to witness how practising art can engage and connect the community, and help ease mental health issues.
I take pride in creating a safe and inclusive environment for my students to explore what art-making means to them. But hey, don't just take my word for it. See what my fantastic students have to say on the Testimonials page.

My Artistic Practice

I trained as an illustrator in the late 1990s and started creating commissioned portraits over 20 years ago. However, it wasn’t until 2013 when I did some training with American artist David Kassan that I found the confidence in myself to take my artistic practice seriously. Since then I have produced work for 2 solo exhibitions and over 25 group and art prize exhibitions.
My favourite medium is charcoal – it’s so versatile and forgiving. I love how you can push the medium around, build a drawing and erase it easily, wet and paint with it, be aggressive with your mark-making or let it all float on the surface with the flick of a soft watercolour brush. While there is still much to explore with charcoal, I am now also experimenting with colour in my work, using pastel, acrylic paint and oil paint.